Friday, December 30, 2011

Updates : Pameran Bahagian

arrow Updates terkini . Pameran Dalaman Bahgian yang terletak di Aras 3, PTAR 1. Untuk makluman pameran dalaman ini akan sentiasa dikemaskini sekurang-kurangnya 3-4 kali setahun.

Friday, December 16, 2011

~ Majlis Meraikan Staf JPJPD ~

~ Majlis Meraikan Hari lahir Staf JPJPD ~ 16 Dis 2011

arrow En. Sayfol - Mac, 11
arrow En. Mohd Hazri - May, 7
arrow Pn. Nurul Diana - August, 8
arrow Pn. Norliza - August, 14
arrow En. Mohd Hafiz - September, 11

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Theme: Librarian 2.0 and Beyond

Jeffrey Stanton The print version of this Library Connect Newsletter is in the mail. Enjoy the news first with online delivery!

In this issue, we discuss the changing roles of librarians in a Web 2.0/3.0 world and how now, more than ever, librarians are needed to help create value from information.

"Structural change" and librarianship

By Jeffrey Stanton, School of Information Studies, Syracuse University

Being "Librarian 2.0": It's all in the attitude
By Helen Partridge, Queensland University of Technology

Librarians are engaging in new roles, such as helping to improve the discoverability and raise the impact of their researchers' academic publications
By M. Luisa Álvarez-de-Toledo, Universidad de Oviedo

The new role of librarians at Chiba University's Academic Link
By Hiroya Takeuchi, Chiba University

LIBER Leadership Development Program: Building a high-level seminar for the next generation of senior leaders
By Julien Roche, University of Lille 1 - Science and Technology

App concepts from Ke Khoon Low and Andrea Szwajcer take top prizes in Apps for Library Idea Challenge

To connect with today's library users, librarians need to implement and stay abreast of the latest communications technologies and tools
By Aaron Tay, National University of Singapore

Retooling library staff to take on the future, where a state of flux is the new normal
By Rudy Leon, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

How "muggles" can enrich the library team
By Donna Carroll, University of Warwick Library

The new roles of medical libraries and librarians in the Eastern Mediterranean Region: Opportunities and challenges
By Hatem Nour El-Din H. Mohamed, Library and Health Literature Services, World Health Organization

With many of their library buildings under repair, Haitian students can now access Research4Life resources via a new digital library

Faster access to research via article-based publishing

The Zip File

Ways to Use Journal Articles Published by Elsevier: A Practical Guide

Charting a Course for a Successful Research Career

How to Get Published

On the Road

Librarians learning together in eBook knowledge exchange

Digital libraries: Tendencies and perspectives in Uruguay

Creating value through applications at the Singapore Code Jam

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Makluman Akses PDDT : IEEE

Untuk makluman, akses ke IEEE melalui EZACCESS telah kembali pulih bermula hari ini 1 Disember 2011.

Sila maklum bahawa pengguna pangkalan data IEEE dan pangkalan data yang dilanggan pihak Perpustakaan UiTM adalah DILARANG untuk menyebarkan id & password EZACCESS kepada pihak luar dengan apa cara sekalipun.

Jika perkara yang sama berulang (aktiviti penyalahgunaan) pihak penerbit IEEE tidak akan teragak-agak untuk menyekat semula pengunaan IEEE melalui EZACCESS.

Mohon kerjasama semua Pustakawan UiTM untuk memaklumkan perkara ini kepada pengguna.

Sekian, terima kasih.