Tuesday, July 19, 2011



From the depth of coverage, to the accuracy of the information, to the expertise of our in-house editorial staff, you can count on Micromedex 2.0 to deliver the best clinical content in the industry.

Join us for a free online web seminar to learn about how Micromedex 2.0:

  • Delivers a new user interface & search engine. Designed specifically to support clinicians in making informed clinical decisions, our new search functionality includes multi-term search, predictive text, synonyms, suggestions for alternate spellings, and a single search box on every page.
  • Provides more informed clinical decisions. Our extensive coverage of FDA approved and off-label indications are complemented by a three-tiered rating schema providing a recommendation for use, insight into drug efficacy, and an understanding of the quality and strength of evidence.
  • Offers more than just study summaries. With the industry's largest editorial staff, we review the complete body of evidence available, select the highest quality literature, and synthesize it down to actionable recommendations.
  • Includes superior content. Our proven editorial process that follows established evidence-based medicine principles assisting clinicians in their effort to practice evidence-based healthcare.
  • Provides Mobile Flexibility. No matter what mobile device you use, Micromedex has a solution for you. While our competitors have chosen a one-sided approach to providing mobile content, Micromedex gives you the best of both worlds, from on-device applications for iPhone® and iPad®, to complete web-based smartphone access to Micromedex 2.0


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